Congregational Communion Antiphons for the Church Year

Communion Antiphons by Season

These antiphons are available for free download.

Please note that there are no instructions in the scores themselves for understanding the psalm-verse notation. For performance instructions, please go to the About section of this site.

A picture file of each antiphon is provided for use in liturgy guides. If you do print these, please include the copyright notice found here with each picture in the acknowledgments section of your liturgy guide.

The psalm tones are available below as well - feel free to use them for other applications. 


It is desirable that the assembly of the faithful should participate in the songs of the Proper as much as possible, especially through simple responses and other suitable settings
— Musicam sacram (⁋33)



Let me know if you have any questions, comments, or corrections. As this collection is not formally published yet, your input will help me refine and improve it.

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